Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tokyo Trains

This is our local train station...It is called Yoyogi Uehara. We SUPPOSEDLY live "out" a bit?? We have a Tokyo address, but it is in a more "residential area."
The people getting on the train....or I should say squeezing on the train.
Here the guy is actually maneuvering the people and the doors because of how crowded it is. I have only personally been on a train this crowded once. I thought I was just going to laugh out loud. It is so crowded you are literal full body pressed against the next person. When people get on and off they just "politely" push others out of the way. It is unbelievible SILENT on the trains normally. So me holding my breath to not laugh at the akwardness of it all makes more sence maybe?? I don't think if I live here 100 years that I would ever stop being in awe of how crowded and squished the trains can be....and it is just normal and fine.........
I wish you could tell in this picture how smashed the people are on this train....crazy!!! That man on the left, his face is pressed up against the window door....not for the claustrophobic!!!

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