Friday, October 5, 2007

Tara-Grace's Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Tara Grace!! For her birthday Tara Grace wanted to eat sushi. We went to one of these conveyor belt places. In the center the "chefs" made the sushi. Whenever we saw something that looked interesting, we just pulled it off the moving belt and began to enjoy. It was fun!!
A better view of the sushi conveyor belt.

Taiko Drumming Show....I am up there on stage in the was really fun.. This was a class I took done through the Tokyo American Club (TAC). It is a three day class about living in Tokyo.

In Japan....EVERYONE is soo clean. This is a lady I saw (very common sight everywhere) on my way from dropping Tara Grace off at school. They sweep and wash the sidewalks in front of the houses and shops each morning.
Regular traffic--yes it is crowded!!!!!!!!!!!!

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