Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jacob's feildtrip

I went with Jacob on a field trip. This is the group that I was in charge of: Jacob, Esike, Evan and Colton. We went to the botanical gardens. It was really pretty.
I think one of the funniest things were all of the Japanese painstakenly taking pictures of the flowers...tripods, lights, close up....they are perfectionists!! and they love nature!!

Cloe's and Preston's Activities

Summerland Field trip with Preston and the whole 5th grade. This was really neat. The whole purpose was on fun and building friendships. In such a mobile environment and people from all over the world, bonding and inclusiveness becomes an active ingredient in the school enviroment. It is GREAT!!!
Preston at Summerland
Happy 12th Birthday Cloe...
Cloe's first YW activity. It was a "make over" of sorts....fun stuff...

Shrine Sale

I went on an outting with some ladies to a Shrine Sale (kind of like a flea market) in this town. The buildings in this town were not burned in the war. I have not seen very many really old buildings in Tokyo at all.