Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Jacob had a few fun things over the last couple of weeks. The third grade did a body percussion musical. They used snaping, rubbing their hands together, clicking their tounges, to produce the various stages of a rainstorm. In the school theater it was really cool. The did a good job flowing from one sound to the next. It started out as a little drizzle and slowly progressed to a full thunderstorm. It sounded great. Hopefully you can get the idea and don't get too motion sickness from my expert filming skills.

Jacob also participated in the Cub scout's Pinewood Derby. If you don't really know what it is or even if you do... check out My uncle Rob's editorial in the Gwinett Daily Post. He is a great writer and has an extreamly entertaining sence of humor! Here is the link. Read the one about "Fathering Skills Barely on track" Feb 03

Jacob participated this year and his car got 6th place out of 33! He did pretty well. Like Nathan (Rob's son)...Jacob had more fun in the game than in glory of victory or agonony of defeat....maybe we will have to send him to Rob's house for some character molding...

Jacob's car is the red one....

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